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Exclusive technology partner:

VOCALLS is a technology company based in Prague, providing medium business - and enterprise clients with a cutting-edge voice automation platform based on artificial intelligence. The platform facilitates to create all kinds of virtual assistants representing a Chat- or VoiceBot. With the emphasis on great user experience, VOCALLS virtual assistants are easy to create, deploy and maintain.

VOCALLS has an extensive knowledge of speech recognition, natural language processing and telephony. Customers and partners value our dedicated team of experts, providing guidance and support during the entire process of virtual assistant creation and deployment. The platform is available on-premises, in the Cloud or as a hybrid solution.


Business development

Disruption Works are always looking a new ways to deliver more productive processes and quality services to clients and customers inside and outside your business.

Specialising in automation within business including communication automation using the likes of chatbots and voice automatio, as well as smart software solutions and process automation including RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

With a superb track record and an impressive list of clients, Disruption Works are partners inside your business delivering great value and the next stage of transformation.

Lets take the robot out of the human.




Information Today, Inc. (ITI), located in Medford, N.J., is the parent company of Speech Technology Media, producers of Speech Technology magazine and the SpeechTEK conference. SpeechTEK and Speech Technology magazine are recognized worldwide as the leading sources of news, information, and analysis relating to the speech technology industry. Both provide additional sources of news, information, and analysis through online communities at,, and and opt-in electronic distribution networks, STM eWeekly, and SpeechSource. SpeechTEK, Speech Technology magazine, STM eWeekly, and SpeechSource—the one voice everyone hears in speech technology, are also excellent vehicles for marketing speech technology solutions. Speech Technology magazine's mission is to provide comprehensive and independent coverage of information impacting speech technologies.


The Applied Voice Input Output Society (AVIOS) is a not-for-profit private foundation founded in 1981. AVIOS provides a forum for promoting practical applications of advanced speech technology, such as speech recognition, text-to-speech synthesis, and speaker authentication, along with supporting technologies such as natural language interpretation and knowledge representation. AVIOS organizes the Mobile Voice Conference annually in collaboration with TMA Associates, continuing a long tradition of AVIOS conferences. AVIOS local chapters are active in areas that range from New York to Boston to Israel , providing informative talks and valuable networking. Having established this strong base, AVIOS is now emphasizing its role as an internationally recognized organization with a leading role in the dissemination of knowledge and material essential to speech practitioners.

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