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About us


HouwingSolutions is the new trade name of voiceandvision B.V. founded in 2002. At first the company mainly focused on designing speech recognition based applications. In recent years, our services have expanded to ensure the integration of natural language and effective communication related to automation through ChatBots, VoiceBots, Websites, IVRs, Scripting, Manuals, AI and more. As a total solution provider, today we create the Conversational Style you're looking for.

If your company has a lot of contact with customers, your employees have a lot of contact with each other, or your company works together with lots of other companies and you want everyone to be satisfied with the way you automate customer contact and communication, we create the best solutions for you.

In addition to a full range of solution providing services, HouwingSolutions also offers trainings, workshops, presentations and lectures, with an emphasis on efficient User Interface Design and careful use of language.

SpeechTEK New York 2011:
Tom Houwing studied Music at the Conservatory of Rotterdam.
In 1999, after 15 years within the music industry and – education, he switched career to speech technology, leveraging his past experience within the IT industry starting as Voice User Interface Architect at Speechtel Benelux B.V. In January 2002 he joined VoiceObjects AG and went on to found his own consulting and design agency, voiceandvision. Houwing has revolutionised dialogue design and created applications that are exemplary in terms of usability, conversational structured prompting, event-handling and audio design.  He is not only a true subject matter expert, but also one of the most appreciated visionaries worldwide.

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